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Switch between windows on Mac OS X?

Switch between windows on Mac OS X?

On Windows when I do alt+tab I can switch between windows. If I have 5 firefox windows open then using alt+tab will switch between them.

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Guest [Entry]

"Cmd-` toggles
through the windows forward.

toggles through the windows in

Cmd - alt -
arrowkey switches between tabs"
Guest [Entry]

"Along with the other suggested shortcuts, you could always use Exposé.

On a recent MacBook, or aluminium keyboard, the 'F3' key is dedicated to Exposé. If you don't have a keyboard with an Exposé key on it, you can use 'F9' and 'F10':

F3 or F9 to show all windows on the current space.
Ctrl-F3 or F10 to show all windows belonging to the current application on the current space.

For even easier access, I use the four-finger upward swipe to activate Exposé."
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"Just a small clarification:


Switches between open windows for the same application, in OS ""El Capitan"" this works only when the windows are not in fullscreen mode. Maybe this is the reason because some guys reply saying that this shortcut doesn't work."
Guest [Entry]

"Optimal Layout is another commercial app that gives you a simple way to switch between application windows from the keyboard.

Disclaimer: I'm the developer of Optimal Layout."
Guest [Entry]

"CMD-` will cycle through open windows.

CMD-Shift-` will cycle through them in reverse."