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Synchronizing Lotus Notes Calendar with Google Calendar

Synchronizing Lotus Notes Calendar with Google Calendar

I am working at a client where Lotus Notes is used. How do I synchronize the Notes calendar (Lotus Notes 7) with Google Calendar or directly with my iPhone 3GS?

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"Try AweSync beta: http://awesync.com
It is capable of syncing most of the event types, you're welcome to participate in beta-testing."
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"CompanionLink offers a solution that can automatically sync to Google Calendar every hour or so. There's a free trial and the product costs $40.

I have used this successfully to sync to Google Calendar, and I've set my iPhone to sync with Google automatically.

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"Contact your sysadmins and volunteer to test Notes 8.5.1 and (crucially) the mail template that goes with it.
8.5.1 allows you to display your google calendar alongside your Notes one, 8.5.2 will actually suck in the next x days of your google calendar into your Notes one.
Not sure whether it pushes the other way, though, I never tested that.

You could then use your google calendar as your primary, but how well that works depends how much your colleagues use the meeting invites and so on."
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Just tried AweSync, works absolutely perfect!!