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Syncing Tool Between 2 Folders [duplicate]

Syncing Tool Between 2 Folders [duplicate]

What is a good tool to automatically sync two folders when changes are made to either one of them. I want to sync a folder in the Mozilla Tree (My Greasemonkey Scripts) with a folder on my desktop.

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Guest [Entry]

"I am assuming that your sync'ing is within the same machine.
If its across machine, please say so.

File Synchronization and Data Backup with Microsoft SyncToys

SyncToy (ST) is free file synchronization software designed by Microsoft to aid the user to synchronize, copy, backup and maintain folders of files on computers. Unlike most other methods, ST acts very fast in synchronizing the files in folders by copying, renaming and deleting files. ST is much simpler to configure and user-friendly.

Also read the Automating Sync Toy section in this article."
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"For a simple commercial utility, you can try SecondCopy by Centered Systems, or for a more powerful (but more difficult) utility, you can try the free version of SyncBack.

Sorry -- haven't been a user long enough to post the direct links to both..."
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Try RichCopy. A free utility from someone at Microsoft. Apart from doing what you ask, it is also optimized for the copy process and is faster than most tools I've used to copy multiple files.
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"I really like Dropbox

* Sync files of any size or type
* Share large files and photos easily
* Automatic online backup
* Access your files anywhere
* Sync between operating systems
* Track and undo changes to files"
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Similar to Dropbox is SpiderOak, which lets you sync arbitrary folders, I think they write their UI in Java though, so it's a bit slugish.