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Synergy Key Mapping

Synergy Key Mapping

I'm running a Synergy server on Ubuntu and a Synergy+ client on OSX. The server has a standard windows keyboard with shift, ctrl, windows, and alt keys. My MacBookPro has shift, fn, control, alt/option, and command keys.

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Guest [Entry]

"I was in a similar situation at one point, and I found a somewhat 'unique' way around it. Plug the keyboard directly into your Mac, and edit the keyboard preferences directly. After that, any non-Apple keyboard you attach will use those mappings.

Plug in they keyboard.
Open System Preferences (Apple Menu -> System Preferences).
Enter ""Keyboard"" preferences (under Hardware).
From the ""Keyboard Mapping"" (or similarly named) tab, change the key mapping as you see fit.

Synergy+ will use these key mappings, since it identifies as a virtual keyboard.

Equivalent mappings, based on function:

Linux │ Mac
Control │ Command
Alt │ Control
Meta │ Alt
Shift │ Shift
Super │ Super

Mac has the extra modifier key (kind of like the old EMACS-style keyboards, which had up to 5 modifier keys). Super is generally deprecated, so you shouldn't have to worry about remapping it."
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"I have a mac full size keyboard plugged into my PC which is synergy server.

When connected to mac client (osX mountain lion), I've switched ctrl and commmand keys so that ctrl-c copies regardless of machine.

This is done in the synergy gui by double clicking the client and setting:

ctrl: Meta
meta: ctrl

I hope this helps!"
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Super is the "Windows" key on most keyboards. Meta is (I believe) the Esc key.
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"This change, at least when serving from OSX (10.11) to Windows 10 is;

section: screens
ctrl = super
super = ctrl

Note: If you're not using the synergy.conf file; configure the client by double clicking on the client in the layout screen."
Guest [Entry]

"Sorry for reviving this old question, but I found it relevant and useful for configuring my current setup. I thought I'd share my config for those interested.
Using a Logitech G613 keyboard on a macOS 11.23 (with CTRL - WINDOWS - ALT layout) to also control a Windows 10 laptop.
Here is my setup:
Synergy and macOS setup
Help pages:

macOS keyboard modifier help
Synergy modifier help

I can easily use my copy/paste functionalities without having to use weird shortcuts on one of the 2 machines, beside the fact that it is a CTRL+C on Mac instead of COMMAND+C."