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The iPad Mini home button is broken and doesn't click anymore.

The iPad Mini home button is broken and doesn't click anymore.

The home button doesn't click anymore and has stopped working. There is no more mechanical feedback and the button does not bounce back after being depressed. Do I just need to replace the home button itself or the entire digitizer as well?

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"I think it stuck.

So use isopropyl alcohol. Drop a small amount of isopropyl alcohol onto the tip of a cotton swab. Press in the Home button as far as it goes and rub the alcohol around the edges. Press the button several times to work the alcohol into the cracks."
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Ipad is home button can work again in many ways :

Fix your iPad Home Button Step-1:

This problem is called the Portrait view/landscape view which is very much has the blame to get iPad home button not working.

In this problem you need to follow the steps below that can help you to solve it.

1# View your iPad to portrait mode and press a long hold to the home button.

2# Now turn your iPad to landscape mode while holding the home button

3# Now again change the view mode from landscape to portrait.

4# While doing this process you need to be sure that the screen of the device must rotate.

5# If the iPad screen rotate while changing the view mode which means that problem has been fixed so now release the home button which was press and hold from the start.

Fix your iPad Home Button Step-2:

This step is known as the assistive touch, in this step you can create the Home button on your iPad screen with the simple steps only you need is to follow and apply

1# First of all goes to the setting of your iPad device.

2# now tab on the Accessibility

3# Turn on the assistive.

4# At the right corner of the bottom of your iPad screen click the icon which appear after you complete the above step and than select home screen.

5# Now you can see that at the right corner in the bottom home button will be located.

6# You can also change the place of the home button by dragging it with the finger hold and tap.

Fix your iPad Home Button Step-3:

This method works most of the time where we have to recalibrate the home button.

In this method you have to follow the below steps carefully to get rid from this problem and make your iPad work properly.

1# First of all you need to press and long hold the power button of your iPad.

2# after you completed the first step “slide to power off” will appear on your iPad screen, so release the power button and then hold the home button.

3# This process of holding the home button will only be stop when the home screen appears.

Fix your iPad Home Button Step-4:

This step is called the Clean the home button, this problem is most rare in iPad home button because of the debris, dust dirs. So instead of giving your iPad to the repair service center you simply clean the button.

You need things to clean the home button of iPad.

1# Alcohol: to clean button used rubbing alcohol.

2# Cotton: Pour few drops on the cotton swab to clean the button.

3# Finger: put a two drop of alcohol on your figure and rub it on the button after than push it around the corners, so the dirt which has jammed the button can be easily removed.

Fix your iPad Home Button Step-5:

This one is the last method of repair your iPad home button which is called 5-finger gesture, apply this method only when the previous method didn’t fixed the iPad home button problem. Follow the steps below to get rid from this button problem.

1# First of all goes to the setting of your iPad device.

2# Turn on the Multitasking Gestures function.

3# Now go to the home screen and spread your hand on the screen and then placed your five finger on the iPad screen. You need to punch them all in and then grab them together to function this process."
Guest [Entry]

"I'm not sure about this but you could try peeling off the homebutton cable with the help of a heatgun . But not the whole thing up to the soldering point.

Just lift the area where the homebutton is and see if it the culprit is the homebutton itself, or maybe dirt around it or if its the golden plate with the black dot in the middle.

Normally on the iphone 4(s) a malfunctioning powerbutton (yes not homebutton) has a faulty golden contact plate to be precise the black plasticdot in the middle has broken off or was pushed so often that it got flat. The homebutton on the ipad mini looks like having the same mechanics.

For the iphone's powerbutton you could order just this gold contact with the black dot and adhere it onto the cable. I saw people selling only the contact on ebay for a dollar.

Maybe its the same size and fits for the ipad mini too.

Otherwise you could order a new cable assembly and peel off the contact.

Or if you are not afraid of soldering you could just exchange the whole cable with the ordered part."
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"Home button assemblies are sold pre-soldered to the digitizer these days, but quality varies considerably. Since you have to pull the digitizer up anyway, you may just wish to replace the digitizer/home button assembly rather than attempt to replace just the home button actuator.

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the home button for the mini is about the worst design ever. Its held in place with glue and has to line up with a couple of very tiny studs. If things aren't lined up perfectly, you get the issue you are having. You are going to have to take the digitizer off to fix it. Once you get that off, press on the home button and you will see how its supposed to work. You can usually remove the old glue, line things back up, then put on new glue. If it were me though, I'd just replace the digitizer. Order a new one from a reputable seller like iFixit. The new one will come with the home button assembly installed. Chances are that when you pull up the old digitizer its will crack or you will get fingerprints on the inside. For a couple of bucks in parts you won't have to worry about all that and you will know that your problem will be solved.