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Time Machine does not back up, "failed with error: 11"

Time Machine does not back up, "failed with error: 11"

For some reason, Time Machine is refusing to backup my files. When dragging and dropping manually all my files onto the backup volume, it says that there was a file that could not be read or modified - but doesn't give a name.

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"First run Console (in /Applications/Utilities) to check the logs. They might contain the file name or other details.

If that doesn't help you can try fs_usage from the Terminal. This will show every file that is being accessed on your system, and whether an error was returned. Open a very wide Terminal window and type: sudo fs_usage. Then perform the copy that fails. When it fails, go back to the Terminal window and type Ctrl-C to stop fs_usage. You can then search back for the last file that was accessed as part of the copy. You can also look for numbers in square brackets which are Unix error codes.

Update: It looks like there may be a disk error with the file that is listed in the log. You may want to exclude it from the Time Machine backup (in Preferences) in order to try getting a successful backup of the other files. Then run Disk Utility (in /Applications/Utilities), select the disk with the suspected problem, and on the First Aid tab press the Repair Disk button in the lower right corner. If it's your startup disk then you cannot repair it so press Verify Disk instead; but if an error is detected you will need to boot from another disk or your install disk in order to repair it."