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"TMGR is Missing" after repair-installing Windows XP

"TMGR is Missing" after repair-installing Windows XP

I have two OSes installed in my computer. - Windows XP Professional - Windows 7 Ultimate (Release Candidate 1/Build 7100)

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"The file TMGR is not part of Windows. It is a third-party file used to customize/extend Windows 7's bootmanager functionality, and it can go by different, randomly generated names (for example on another system it may be QZMGR or XNLMGR).

I have seen two main sources for this sort of file. One is EasyBCD which installs a copy of GRUB if you add certain operating systems to the boot loader. The other is DAZ's Windows 7 Loader which allows an unlicensed copy og Vista/7 to be validated as genuine (so of course it needs to use randomly generated filenames to avoid detection).

In either case, the fix should be the same. Reboot, and press F8 to access the boot options, and select Repair Your Computer:

In the System Recovery Options dialog, select Startup Repair:

It should do some scanning and then reinstall the boot sector, record, and loader. Reboot and check if it is fixed. If not, go back and return to the System Recovery Options and open a command prompt.

Now type the following commands, (you may want to reboot after each to test if it is fixed yet to avoid using unnecessary steps):

bootsect /nt60 SYS

bootrec /fixmbr

bootrec /fixboot

bootrec /rebuildbcd"