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TODO or FIXME features in MS Word

TODO or FIXME features in MS Word

simple Question, I find it easier to do a //FIXME //TODO in a document than Click Review -> New Comment -> Type the comment then go back to the document. Is there a way I can do this without clicking anything ?

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"Word: File → Options → Customize Ribbon → press ""Customize..."" button next to ""Keyboard shortcuts"".

Here you can add keyboard shortcut for pretty much anything. In my case (Slovenian version) there was already a shortcut for adding a comment (Ctrl+Alt+A). In English version of Word 2007 the shortcut is Ctrl+Alt+M.

This is for Word 2007, in older versions it's similar, although you will have to find the option under a different group (Insert if I remember correctly).

To get back to the document when you finish writing the comment just press ESC."