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Touch screen not working after battery replacement?

Touch screen not working after battery replacement?

I just replaced the battery on my iphone 5s. I was extremely careful but this is my first iphone repair. My phone boots up just fine and I even received a text, however, my touch screen is completely inresponsive . Should I just check all cables? Could these mean I mixed up screws? I am definitely in over my head on thus one and this will probably be my last self repair.

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"The 5S can be tricky if you don't keep track of the screws. On the Screen Bracket, they are all of different sizes and differing only by 0.1 mm. So if you put a longer one in the wrong place, you can certainly cause some major problems. Do a search on Long Screw Damage to learn more.

You also need to disconnect the battery before disconnecting the screen otherwise you can blow the backlight circuit. However, your problem is touch related. I would carefully remove the screen (see my note on the battery above) and visually inspect the connectors for debris, damage or missing components in the surrounding area. Then re-assemble and test.

Then get back to us with more details and we can guide you from there."
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"I’m having this same problem also.

After battery replacement, iPhone restarts randomly and I experience ghost touches. This ghost touches will stop for a while when I press the sleep/wake button then occurs again.

Sometimes if I put on data and play music same time, it will reboot. Kind’f like any change of power output drawn from the battery causes it to restart. I’m thinking it’s a faulty battery. Please wat re ur thoughts"