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Triple (3) Monitors under Linux

Triple (3) Monitors under Linux

I have a 3 monitor setup (each 1680x1050) via an Nvidia NVS440 (2 GPUs, 2 outputs per GPU totalling 4 outputs); this works fine under Windows XP,7 but caused considerable headaches under Linux (Ubuntu 9.04).

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"There is a hack of another option - I will be releasing software (open-source) soon for Ubuntu Karmic - if I can get it working on there, otherwise it will be for Jaunty which I've already got working. - http://ubuntuforumsdotorg/showthread.php?t=884161

See videos of this 6 monitor system over on youtube: (Link removed due to newbie limit - search youtube for ""d2globalinc"")

It's not the solution we want but its a way to get Composite with multiple-gpu's now until a better solution (perhaps AMD's eyefinity or nvidia's answer to that - whatever that may be)

Shane Menshik

p.s. I mention AMD's EyeFinity - See demo here - (search youtube for ""Eyefinity Linux"" - couldn't post 2nd link due to newbie limit) which is the most promising thing I've seen yet for linux / multiple GPU support."
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"I have 2 displays. Configuration was just easy with the nvidiasettings tool, and there seems to be no trouble with adding a new head to the existing configuration.

Everything you mention works fine :)"