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Unable to read device, USB module not working

Unable to read device, USB module not working

Hey, i have a 2 tb wd my book external HDD, and recently it has stopped working.

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"The only answer I have for either of you is to open your external drive and see if you can split the HD away from the USB card. WD made a version of the HD controller card that incorporated the USB parts and does not have the SATA & power connectors and needed circuitry. So you can't salvage the drive putting it into a new case.

Also many of these drives now have hardware encryption so you also may find the data is not recoverable if you get it into a new case.

Sorry for the double hit here.

Often I find static discharge is the root reason the USB port is killed (either system or device). Make sure you're not using a polyester cloth lined case that gets statically or when you connect or disconnect the drive make sure you first touch your desktop/laptop metal case parts and then touch the HD's metal case part before connecting or disconnecting the USB cable. That way the voltage potential is equal between the devices. I would also recommend getting a humidifier for dry and cold (winter) climates as it will help reduce the static buildup."