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"Unsplit" article pages on the web

"Unsplit" article pages on the web

Many articles on the net are split up into multiple pages (commonly called "pagination"). However, this can be quite annoying to read - I would rather have the whole article on my screen at once. In this way, I would be able to scroll down to view the whole article rather than click through multiple pages.

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Guest [Entry]

"AutoPager also a Firefox add-on

The AutoPager Firefox extension
automatically loads the next page of a
site inline when you reach the end of
the current page for infinite
scrolling of content. It includes a
adblock similar features to allow you
filter out the ads from the contents
in the loaded page contents.

It works well with most of the
greasemonkey scripts. By default
AutoPager works with a ton of sites,
including Lifehacker, the New York
Times, Digg, and, of course, Google.
If you want to add your own custom
autopaging to unsupported sites, the
site wizard feature makes it easy
(first pick the Next link, then pick
only the content you want loaded. The
site workshop provide more features
like auto discovery the links and

It's configuration is base on XPath.
You can find there is a built in
function to create a XPath by click
some links on the pages. This
extension will import online
configuration from this sources,these
configurations includes support for
some widely used sites and some
general support for forums."