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Use Internet Explorer 6 and 7 in Virtual Box

Use Internet Explorer 6 and 7 in Virtual Box

I am trying to install the vhds (virtual hard drive image) of IE6 on XP and IE 7 on XP packs available from Microsoft on Virtual Box. Virtual Box will only mount CD/DVD's and/or ISO's. How do I get it to use the Microsoft files? I need this to test web pages in IE6/IE7s.

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Guest [Entry]

"As you said, the VHDs should expire January the first 2010. The reason you are having the problem is because the VHDs were designed for Microsoft Virtual PC and not for Virtual Box, so when Virtual Box runs it, the hardware is seen differently.

The first thing you can try is to actually activate the machines - it may work.

Other than that, there is nothing on your host machine that remembers which VHD was run. As Microsoft give these for free, I think it is unlikely they will complain about what I am going to say -

As these are used for using Internet Explorer and it is unlikely that you will install or use them for anything else, Simply Download the VHDs again and either run from a copy or create a snapshot before you first use it. Whenever the timer runs out, simply restore the snapshot or create a new copy of the original files."