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Using Ctrl-Tab to switch between tabs in Mac Terminal.app

Using Ctrl-Tab to switch between tabs in Mac Terminal.app

How can I make Ctrl-Tab and Ctrl-Shift-Tab switch between tabs in Terminal.app on a Mac (OS 10.4 and 10.5 specifically)? This is how I switch tabs in Firefox and Aquamacs, and Command-Shift-[ and Command-Shift-] is too awkward to me. I am aware of this related question:

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"Yet an addition to the answer above:
The manual binding of shortcuts has changed in Yosemite from ""Select Next Tab"" & ""Select Previous Tab"" to ""Show Next Tab"" & ""Show Previous Tab"""
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Use iTerm2. It is a terminal alternative that supports this keyboard shortcut out of the box.
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"For yosemite: http://taiki.net/2014/11/osx-terminal-sck.html

As I do not have any reputation to just comment I had to copy the answer.

Open System Preferences => Keyboard
Go to Keyboard Shortcuts
Click on ""Application Shortcuts"" on the left
Click the little ""+"" to add a program
Navigate to Terminal (it's hidden in Applications/Utilities)
For the Menu Title type ""Show Next Tab"" or ""Show Previous Tab"" (these items will be different for languages other than English)
For the Keyboard Shortcut type Ctrl-Tab or Ctrl-Shift-Tab

The difference with yosemite is... they changed from ""Select X Tab"" to ""Show X Tab""...