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Using genealogy software to hunt down branches of the family tree [closed]

Using genealogy software to hunt down branches of the family tree [closed]

My kin are spread around the globe and I would like to create a family tree to share with all the members of the clan.

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"Another vote for geni.com from me. It's basically a combination of a social network and a family tree.

It's free, with a premium option.
It has a very responsive flash-based interface that is pretty easy to learn.
It's viral. When you add a family member you are prompted for their email address. If you provide it, they will get an invitation and will be able to start adding content themselves.
Not sure about the unusual family situations, but the same person can be in two places in the family tree, same-sex couples are easy, and I'm pretty sure they support adoption and polygamy.
They're adding new features all the time, which is nice.

The main problem is that all of the information is stored in their servers. They do provide export mechanisms and GEDCOM support, but I haven't tried it, and I'm pretty sure not all the information is extractable."
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"I was always disappointed with the charts most genealogy software spat out so looked for a better alternative and found GenoPro

Took a fair bit of manual editing to get it just how I want but nothing else I've tried is as flexible - well worth a look."
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You can also use geneanet which permits you to share a tree between many people et setup access rights. It's free for basic use and based on geneweb.
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Geneweb is rather simple (and maybe limited in terms of fonctionality) but it's very easy to use, works in a browser and is free (GPL).
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"I've heard good things about Kinfo. From the FAQ:

How is Kinfo different from a
traditional genealogy program?
At the heart of Kinfo is a collaborative family tree. This is a
pretty new concept - usually family
trees are created and maintained by a
single person as a hobby. Here, we're
using the reach of the internet to
allow everyone in your family to put
the pieces together.
How is the Kinfo
tree different from a traditional
family tree?
Kinfo uses a patent-pending method of displaying your family. Families
are infinite, spreading in all
directions through marriage and
offspring. If you were to show every
connection at once, you'd see a
tangled mess. Traditional family trees
follow a bloodline, so they're mostly
filled with ancestors rather than
living relatives. At Kinfo, we want to
link everyone in your family together
regardless of whether they're a blood
relative or not."