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Using Mac mini as wifi router

Using Mac mini as wifi router

I have a Mac mini (leopard/4gb ram/2.0ghz core duo) that is currently acting as my NAS and is also connected to my tv as a htpc (netflix, eyetv, etc.). I'm wondering if I can get rid of my wifi router (its broken) and use the mini for this task. An Apple TV and 2 laptops would connect wirelessly to this network. Few questions:

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"If your mini can connect to the internet via LAN, then it could concieveably perform the function of a basic Wifi Router.

Let's assume your setup is like this:

WWW -> Router -> Ethernet -> Mac Mini

If that's about right, then you can use Internet Connection Sharing to share your Ethernet Connection over WiFi.

Apple Menu -> System Preferences -> Sharing
Ensure ""Ethernet"" is selected for your source.
Place a tick in ""Airport"" - this will enable wireless sharing:
Click ""Airport Options"" to configure the ad-hoc wireless network that will be created.
Once you're done, place a tick next to ""Internet Sharing"" to turn it on. You'll recieve a warning, click ""Start""

Unfortunately, it appears that ad-hoc networks created in OSX only support WEP, not WPA.

You can also use your Mac Mini as a router by using PPPoE to connect to the internet, and sharing out over Wifi. I wouldn't reccomend this however, because it will directly connect your Mini to the internet without a hardware based NAT Router. If you do this, ensure you have the firewall turned on, and a strong administrative password set."
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"Mac OS X Mountain Lion supports WPA/WPA2.
This question answers that.