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Valid IP address but can't surf without rebooting

Valid IP address but can't surf without rebooting

I periodically lose internet and router connection at home. When this happens, others are using the router just fine. I am connecting directly through a wired connection to a Belkin router. I can release and renew the IP (and the IP addresses change to and to an IP in my router's range beginning with 192.168.2. as they should) but still can't surf, can't access the router interface. Cycling the router doesn't help, and again, others are able to access the router fine at this time. Only rebooting the computer resolves the issue, and everything is wonderful for a few hours- and then I lose connection again. I have several ideas where to go from here, but I'd like to get some advice first. (Using Windows XP SP3, hardwired connection)

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"When it next happens I'd suggest you try and ping (or traceroute, probably with tracert -d w.x.y.z under Windows) to an external site by name (www.google.com) and by IP (

I'd guess that if you can ping the router ok (and I assume access it's web interface on the local IP address) that it is some sort of routing or DNS issue.

If you can get out on a traceroute for the IP but the name lookup fails it's DNS.

If both fail then maybe some sort of routing."