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video presentation application for linux [closed]

video presentation application for linux [closed]

I am looking for an application to create video presentations in linux. I have made one with the online service animoto.com that i really like, but i am looking to make one with a little more control over it. For example i would like to control how the pictures are shown ( the duration ).

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"I'm not quite sure what you're looking for. Here are a few suggestions for editing video on Linux (please look for them on Google, I'm not allowed to post more than one link):

GIMP Animation Package

For a longer list, see here - the website's in German, but full of links ..."
Guest [Entry]

"Try Vidlang

Video Language (or VidLang, sometimes referred to as just Video) is a DSL for editing...videos. It aims to merge the capabilities of a traditional graphical non-linear video editor (NLVE), with the power of a programming language.