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Video Streaming recommendations [closed]

Video Streaming recommendations [closed]

We plan on setting up about 10 webinars and I'd like to ask for recommendations on how to set it up. I'm thinking LiveStream with about 2-3 cameras. Here's the question - would it be better to have 3 feeds into 3 streams or just run the 3 cams via a video mixer and then feed this to LiveStream - does anybody have any experience with this? What would be the best video mixer if ever. This is on a Windows set-up

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"3 cams via a video mixer into a single Livestream - you do not want your users to get confused and switch around, missing out on portions of the webinar.

Any common video mixer would be fine, we used to video events using a single Sony 5-input-1-output selector with 4 cameras connected via video, but 1 audio source (which can be from multiple audio source into a single sound mixer) split into all 4 inputs (so as to avoid audio suddenly sounding different as we switch camviews), and the output connects to a USB capture device.

Simple, but effective. ;) KISS policy at work here."
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"Video Mixer all the way!

It depends on the topics, but I can't imagine people liking to have 3 or 4 windows/tabs open and then saying to go here, go there e.t.c.

If I was a viewer, I would hate it!"