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Vimperator and Ctrl+K

Vimperator and Ctrl+K

This is related to my other question about copy/pasting in Vimperator.

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Guest [Entry]

"Firstly, awesome job figuring out wildoptions

That said, I'd just add that if you just hit o or t it should take you to the command box with the pre-filled command :open or :tabopen respectively. You could type some text and hit Tab to look at auto-complete options for that text.

Also if you ever want to see your search bar for whatever reason:

:set go+=T

Now you should have your entire toolbar, but to access the searchbox I use:

Alt+d -> Tab

Ctrl+l -> Tab

To get rid of the unsightly toolbar just use:

:set go-=T

you could open up searchoptions via:

:dia searchengines

and set the keywords for each search engine. For eg: Google -> g, Yahoo -> y, etc.

Now when you need to search just hit o or t and follow up the command with g hello as in:

:open g hello

to open a google search page for the word hello"
Guest [Entry]

"The following works well for me, a variant on facepalmd's suggestion :

:set go+=T # Turns on the address bar, which I don't mind
:noremap <C-k> <A-d><Tab> # maps Ctrl-K to Alt-D + Tab"
Guest [Entry]

Try pressing F6. F6 focusses the address bar when vimperator is active.