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Virtual Desktop for OSX: Not "Virtual Desktops"

Virtual Desktop for OSX: Not "Virtual Desktops"

[I've asked this to a few friends, and they've insisted that it doesn't exist (probably true).]

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"The Expose random-window positioning has been changed in Snow Leopard, now windows tile neatly. Gizmodo article here outlines this change along with quite a few others.

Now! About the zooming desktop idea: check out this video of Oberon, an operating system developed at ETH Zurich by Niklaus Wirth (author of Pascal).

(The picture doesn't do it justice, the video shows things much better).

Apart from the infinitely zoomable desktop, Oberon had a whole lot of other cool features, and this article is a very interesting read."
Guest [Entry]

"I had a similar sounding idea a while ago (3 years ago I think..) for a ""panable window manager"", and made a mockup for it:

I'm not totally sure how usable it would be."