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Virtual sound card driver for Windows

Virtual sound card driver for Windows

I have no sound card on my machine, but I want to (automatically) record screen with audio on it. So I thing it's some kind of virtual sound card driver needed to loop back sound send to play to microphone. Is there such solution for Windows OS?

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"Not sure I 100% understand your question, but you might want to check out:


sounds like this might fit your requirements."
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"possibly of interest:

Virtual Audio Card
It's free and it works on Windows XP
and it creates 3 Virtual Audio Cables
as Windows Sound drivers.
It comes from a software kit for a
commercial TCP/IP mp3 streaming
device. Go figure. Works for me in
place of VAC (Virtual Audio Cable) but
the latency on my machine is pretty
awful. YMMV
(from: http://club.myce.com/f57/creating-virtual-sound-card-win2k3-enterprise-server-170878/#post2530866)"