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VirtualBox Fatal: no bootable medium found! System Halted

VirtualBox Fatal: no bootable medium found! System Halted

I just downloaded and tried to add new virtual machine, but it gives me an error. I couldn't find the solution. it seems that VM can not find the OS. I don't know how to resolve.

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"Hi the Answer is simple.

Go to settings > Storage > Storage Tree

and mount your image/CD/DVD drive under Controller: IDE (Don't use SATA)

Either add a new CD/DVD device or use the existing one."
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"Try this:

""Devices"" →
""Optical drives"" →
""SATA (SATA Port 1)""
Choose disk image (your .iso OS)
then ""Machine"" →
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This is normal. You need to load a medium (normally, the ISO file of a bootable CD or DVD) into your virtual machine. Your DVD software might be able to create an ISO file of your Vista DVD. Otherwise, use a Linux distribution, for example Knoppix for a first boot.
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"Solution: Try a different architecture type of iso.

I was able to solve this problem by changing the ISO image. I was trying to install cent os 7 with virtual box on mac 10.11.6 (el-capitan ). First I had downloaded the minimal set up from here:

There are setups available for different architecture types. I first tried with aarch64. But could not get past the same error:
Fatal: no bootable medium found! System Halted

Tried everything but never solved. Then I tried ""i386"" . And it worked."