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VirtualBox of Sun: What's all the fuss about? [closed]

VirtualBox of Sun: What's all the fuss about? [closed]

Why would I use it over VMware, KVM?

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Guest [Entry]

"I was using Virtual PC for a while to run Windows virtual machines. That works great fine -- for Windows.

But then I wanted to setup a Ubuntu Virtual Machine and found that I couldn't with Virtual PC... Some people got it work but overall, it was a pain. I had all but given up but then I found Virtual Box. I could run Linux (any flavor) and on top of that, I could set the same thing up on my Mac.

On top of this, I was able to run Windows Vista Ultimate in Virtual Box on my Mac OS X.

These are the two main reasons that I tell everyone about Virtual Box. If still not convinced, see these other reasons:

Cross Platform
Works great with Linux
Works great on Mac and Windows hosting Windows and Linux (not sure if I can run Mac OS X in it)
Efficient and stable (and free)
Intuitive to use but Well documented if documentation is needed.
Virtual Box Seamless Mode:"