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VirtualBox sound problem under Ubuntu

VirtualBox sound problem under Ubuntu

As I recently upgraded to karmic I started to see the following stuff in the logs when I run VirtualBox:

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"First please take a look at Anyone experiencing audio issues with VirtualBox on Linux and has a solution? for additional info.

As I note there, from 9.04->9.10 Ubuntu changed from ALSA to PulseAudio for the host sound support.

So you need to tell VirtualBox that your host audio is now PulseAudio - this seems for some reason to be a setting on EVERY virtual machine, so you'll need to change it on all of the ones you run. Changing it on one and not on another is probably a very bad idea.

You'll most probably have to make the change with no VM's running. Then stop and restart virtualbox. Hopefully at that point the messages to /var/log/ will cease.

Failing that, if audio works fine from the VMs and you're still seeing the messages, you might want to take a look at logrotate to manage the logfiles: http://linuxcommanddotorg/man_pages/logrotate8.html

Hope this helps! If so please give the answer a thumbs-up. Thanks!-pbr"