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Visible Power Plans In Shortcut Menu

Visible Power Plans In Shortcut Menu

How do you choose which power plans are visible when you click on the battery in the notification area?

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"In Windows 7 you gives by default (checked the Help file) Balanced and Power saving mode, to get High performance you have to manually set it to show it.

You can create your own plan and
customize it to suit your needs. For
example, if you frequently use a
laptop to give presentations, you can
create a plan that keeps the display
turned on during the presentations and
ensures that your computer stays


If you created power plans that you no
longer use or need, delete them. You
can't delete Balanced, Power saver,
High performance, or the plan that
you're currently using (the active

So in the end really the choices are fairly limited if your sticking with the Windows settings and don't hack the registry"