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Vista and Windows 7 compatible Z-San software and drivers for Netgear SC101T

Vista and Windows 7 compatible Z-San software and drivers for Netgear SC101T

I'm trying to find a Vista/Win 7 capable driver for a Netgear SC101T SAN. It's based on Z-San which had some issues with Vista originally. The Netgear site has links for an updated driver and Vista-specific control suite, but both links are broken.

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Guest [Entry]

"There's something weird about the Netgear FTP server. I can't dowload the files using my browser, but it works fine with Command Line FTP.

So, I downloaded the files as follows:

Open a Command Prompt, cd to the directory where you want the files and enter the following command:

ftp downloads.netgear.com

You should see:

Connected to downloads.netgear.com.
220 downloads.netgear.com NcFTPd Server (licensed copy) ready.
User (downloads.netgear.com:(none)):

Enter anonymous as the user and blank (or your email) for the password.

At the ftp> prompt enter the following commands:

get /files/sc101t_firmware_1_1_3.bin
get /files/scm_3_0_6_setup.exe

After each get you should see something like:

150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for scm_3_0_6_setup.exe (7366046 bytes).
226 Transfer completed.
ftp: 7366046 bytes received in 124.42Seconds 59.20Kbytes/sec.

When you've finished just type quit at the ftp> prompt.

If that doesn't work, post a comment and I'll upload the files to one of the many file transfer sites."
Guest [Entry]

"Read this article
this worked for me