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Visual Studio 2010 breaking Wacom Intuous tablet

Visual Studio 2010 breaking Wacom Intuous tablet

This is quite bizarre.

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"Since I am consistently hitting this page when searching for a solution, I thought I'd post an update that seems to work like a charm in Visual Studio 2010 and 2013. Wacom has introduced a new option in their driver that allows you to disable Windows Ink for the pen input. My (Bamboo) driver is 5.3.3-3, and the option can be found in Wacom Preferences, under Pen -> Mapping -> ""Use Windows Ink"" (bottom left, disable the checkbox and you're done).

Credit for this solution goes to viziblr:
Guest [Entry]

"For me, I simply go to Task Manager and end the process wisptis.exe (Microsoft Pen and Touch Input Component). It comes back to life, but it fixes the problem. I don't know why it works though.

I'm using an old Wacom driver 6.3.5-3 with Intuos 4."