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VLC has gone over the top left of the screen. How do I move it?

VLC has gone over the top left of the screen. How do I move it?

I started VLC the other day, and it is starting off the top left corner of the screen, so as I can't select the title bar to move.

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"It is very weird for the ""move"" not to work. Did you just try with the mouse?

This probably would've failed as you have to click (and drag) on the title bar or very few other areas that may also be hidden.

Try to do ""move again"" and press Shift+→ or ↓ on the Keyboard and see if you can move it that way."
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"From an anonymous user:

But actually there is an easier working solution in the VideoLAN Forum:

Removal of the directory %appdata%\vlc helps.
I removed the folder and it rebuilt what it needed when it started it up again
It seem to have fixed the problem."
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"Well, this is sort of a non-answer answer.

I spent about an hour looking around the registry and the %appdata%\roaming\vlc folder in windows, and wherever this setting is, it is very nicely hidden. You'd expect to find it in the vlcrc or vlc-qt-interface file, but I sure don't see it."
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You could always download vlc again, and run the 'reset preferences'-file that comes with it.