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VM software that doesn't clog the host OS?

VM software that doesn't clog the host OS?

I'm trying to setup a few CMS distributions on a linux box. And I have to do some serious development on it. But my main machine is running Win7 so I was thinking about virtualization.

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"If you can afford it - go for VMWare Workstation. It's fast, it's stable, and affects the host OS to a minimum.

If you want free - then go for Virtualbox. It's not as polished, but it is still fast and stable.

However, remember you are essentially running a computer within a computer. Your host OS will be affected definitely by the VM's processor usage, disk i/o operations, and memory usage. No VM software is going to cut that down significantly for you.

That said, if you really care about the host OS's performance - first things to do is to tweak your VM's for minimum disk I/O, and get more RAM for your system.

EDIT : OP wants a VM software that literally doesn't impact system when VMs are not running.

In that case, I highly recommend you go for Portable Virtualbox. It's portable, it's standalone, and by the nature of it being standalone, it doesn't dump junk all over your system. If you are not running it, your OS should be unaffected by anything too. Give it a shot."
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I'm using virtualPC and it's working pretty well on a somewhat weak system. As far as patches and drivers 'clogging' up the system, I haven't encountered such a thing.