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Vmplayer proceses always running in the background

Vmplayer proceses always running in the background

I just installed vmplayer 3.0.0 build-197124 on Vista Home Premium. the following processes are always running after rebooting - vmware-usbarbitrator ,vmnat, vmnetdhcp. Is this normal ? Do i have to kill them everytime to save RAM or they should be kept running for vmplayer to working normally if I want to run a virtual machine later.

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Guest [Entry]

"Those ""programs"" are services and they are set to auto-start. You can change to Manual their Start settings in Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services, so they will keep out of your way unless needed.

The article Commandline-guide to virtual network settings and more describes the VMware utility vnetlib.exe, included in VMplayer and all VMware products, that can totally control VMware components.

To start these services use a .bat file containing:

cd ""C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware
Player"" vnetlib.exe -- start
nat vnetlib.exe -- start
dhcp vnetlib.exe -- start authd

To later stop them, use the above with ""stop"" instead of ""start""."