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VPN Connected, How to browse files? Windows Vista

VPN Connected, How to browse files? Windows Vista

"I am trying to establish a VPN connection to a server in my office from my laptop at home.
I tried some of the steps as mentioned here:"

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Guest [Entry]

"How have you confirmed connectivity to your office network?
Can you ping to one of the internal IP addresses that you know?

Were you able to do a domain login into your office network?
Typically a network-share is not allowed without domain-login.
Do you know that the server-of-interest is allowed access over VPN?
Sometimes VPN access is differently access-controlled compared to the internal network.

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Yes, the internal IP addresses are usually 192.168.x.y
Your comments suggest VPN connectivity is ok and you are allowed access too
Since you can connect from another machine similarly,

What is the difference in this machine? (Is the other machine not Vista, for example?)

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Google lookup on the error gives,

Unable to connect to server...error code 0x80070043
Microsoft KB932920"