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WD my passport ultra 2TB is not showing up on explorer.

WD my passport ultra 2TB is not showing up on explorer.

Hi, everyone. My WD Passport Ultra 2TB external hard drive is not showing up in explorer when I plug it into the USB port in a "normal way". I have to connect it through a "bizarre way" to make it show up in explorer. I realizes there were threads related to the same issue, but it's not what I am looking for.

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"just go to start menu , win 7 , computer right click , manage , then storage , find hard drive , right click over size of hard drive and assign a letter. thats it. should just work . if not unplug and try somthing else.... warning , do not format , do not change anything, I am assuming that you have data on the hard drive you do not want to loose...

good luck.

win 7 ultra64 , WD 2TB , my passport ultra , purchased in 2014, USB 3, with DV6-6119wm (HP) laptop , 16gb ram , 1 TB SSD."
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"1. Try new cable

2. buy similar HDD WD and remove the new controller board and install on bad one.

Hope it fixes it, I am at the same place. All other nice recovery programs freeze when the HDD is connected!

Good luck"
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"It seems that pc in general keep a tally of unsuccessful connections in the registry....this can also happen to cd/DVD drives....Try using the rear USB ports as these connect directly to motherboard.....

The partial power on trick seems to relate to 5 volt rail spin up before the computer tryies to read the existence of the device....for some reason putting the device USB in all the way means the computer has finished reading for connected devices BEFORE the drive has reached optimal spin speed in order to allow the drivers to read the device as working..This could be due to poorly defragged drive...or the computer psu already in using its full resources on other peripherals....which means the external drive takes longer to spin up than it should.So e external drives have their own power supplies for this reason."
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"Hmm. just had the same problem after an unexpected power outage. I removed it from my switch, and plugged it directly into a PC. Device mngr saw it, but not disk manager, or explorer. This worked for me as far as local usb was concerned:

-Device Manager > Disk Drives > Properties > Volumes > Populate. (not sure if this is necessary, just noting my steps, but it did show under Disk Explorer after this)

-Disk Explorer > Change Drive Letter and Paths.

For what it's worth, I'm going to steer clear of WD. I have a NAS that is giving me no end of headaches.

Hope this helps"