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Web browsers -is there a way to disable reload on a per site basis?

Web browsers -is there a way to disable reload on a per site basis?

Driving me nuts - I love using rich and feature-full webapps, but I hate what happens when I accidentally reload the page. And since I'm all about the keyboard shortcuts, it is just too easy for me to slip and accidentally hit command + R. And bam, my tinychat window puts me back to where I started. I have to log in again, select my cam, my mic, etc. Super annoying.

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"You could create a ""site specific browser"" (SSB), using Fluid.app, that is dedicated to tinychat.

More on Fluid.app here: http://fluidapp.com. Fluid even uses Webkit for rendering, so pages should look exactly the same as Safari.

Once you've created the SSB you can hide the browser toolbar, so you don't see the Refresh icon.

Additionally, because it's a separate application from Safari, you should be able to override the Command-R refresh shortcut in your Mac's System Prefs while keeping it in place in Safari for every other website.

To do that, go to System Prefs > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Application Shortcuts. Just create a new shortcut for Command-R that does something innocuous, like, maybe ""Window > Bring All To Front""."