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Website where people post their available hours on a shared calendar?

Website where people post their available hours on a shared calendar?

When planning a meeting in Outlook, I can see others' schedules and hours. I am looking for a similar functionality over the web through a web site. It doesn't have to use Outlook or expect people to use Outlook.

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"You might be interested in WhenIsGood. I've never used it, but it looks like it does exactly what you want, and they don't require a sign up/account. Basically, you create an event/meeting, and then put all your invitees on a list, then they indicate through the site what time is good for them.

Here is a LifeHacker writeup on the site."
Guest [Entry]

"Meeting Wizard isn't the same as Outlook, but it might meet your needs:

Only the organizer (you) needs to login
The organizer provides a list of possible dates and email address to send invitations to
The people invited receieve an email with a webpage link showing a list of possible dates to indicate their availability
The organizer gets a list of who's available which days, and who hasn't responded
If desired, the invitees can see the list of who's available, and when
A reminder email can be sent to the people who haven't responded
New possible dates can be added, if required
A final meeting notice can be sent, which can be imported into Outlook Calendar
If desired, a list of email addresses can be kept in the application
All this for free!

I tested this for a group I'm involved with, but they preferred to continue sending emails!"