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What's a good tool/addin for Windows to copy a file's path?

What's a good tool/addin for Windows to copy a file's path?

I often find that I need the full path of file, often when that file is on the desktop/start menu (i.e., not viewing within Windows Explorer).

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Guest [Entry]

"The freeware shell extension ClipPath can do this. Simply right click the file and select Clip Path:

ClipPath (Version 2.1)

As a Programmer, we are often required
to set the path or classpath
Environment variables. But Windows
Operating does not allow us to copy
the full path of a file or a
folder,say, c:\temp\try.java to
clipboard so that we can paste the
same anywhere we require.

Clip Path utility tries to solve these
problems. It is a windows Shell
Extension Program. Once installed, you
can copy full path of a file or folder
to clipboard.

Support for copying path of multiple
files or folders is also provided.

Support for UNIX style path (/) is
also provided.

In Windows Vista and 7, this is not needed. You can simply hold down the Shift key, right-click the file and select Copy as path:

I am not sure if this works in the Start menu though. Maybe someone can clarify."
Guest [Entry]

"It's sucks having to press the Shift key every time that you want to copy a path on Windows 7 (I need to do this a lot at my job). I use ClipboardPath instead. It works for Windows 7 and other versions.

There's this other too, but I didn't try it: http://www.mydigitallife.info/copy-path-information-for-multiple-files-to-clipboard-with-copy-path/"