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What's a good tool to create 2D geometry figures? [closed]

What's a good tool to create 2D geometry figures? [closed]

What is a good tool to create geometry figures in elementary geometry textbooks (dealing with subjects such as triangles, circles, Pythagorean theorem and Ptolemy's theorem)?

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"There is also Dr Geo. From the web site:

Dr. Geo is a GTK interactive geometry
software. It allows one to create
geometric figure plus the interactive
manipulation of such figure in respect
with their geometric constraints. It
is usable in teaching situation with
students from primary or secondary

Dr. Geo integrates advanced features
as an integrated Scheme programming
language to define scripts within a
figure. The language is also used to
define functionnaly interactive
Guest [Entry]

I recommend metapost. It produces vector graphics, integrates with TeX for mathematical formulae and captions. I've used it to produce teaching aids.