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What anti-virus works best with microsoft hyper-v

What anti-virus works best with microsoft hyper-v

I'm trying to install anti-virus on a server running hyper-v with 3 virtual machines. I've tried one which (shall remain nameless) deleted(!) 2 of the VM's (luckily not the virtual hard disks though) when i re-booted the host and am now wary about trying any others. Can anyone recommend any anti-virus that works well with Hyper-V?

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Anything, even excluding the working directory of the VHD files can seriously reduce the speed of the VMs.

I have not found a good AV so far as they all seem to be good at one thing then terrible at another - e.g. scans the network traffic, which upsets VM networking.

Anyway, personally, I would leave the OS alone, keep it patched up but use it remotely.

Here is a article you may want to read from a Microsoft expert on Virtualisation."
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"I was running Grisoft AVG 7.5 (paid for version) on my Windows 2008 Standard Edition + Hyper-V (RTM) during a longish trial and proving ground period and didn't encounter any issues. There didn't seem to be an I/O performance hit either. The server was running the VM's off of it's internal SAS disks, not from a SAN store though.

I was running AVG with just anti-virus protection operational, i.e. not the AVG firewall, anti-spyware and other bits."