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What are "Excess Fragments" in defragmenting a hard drive?

What are "Excess Fragments" in defragmenting a hard drive?

I'm defragmenting my hard drive (XP SP3) with PerfectDisk 7.0, and it finds 816,659 excess fragments when I ask for an analysis.

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"Excess fragments, otherwise called extra file fragments, are explained in CrackUp Alerts You to Disk Fragmentation:

Each contiguous portion of a file's
cluster chain is called a fragment. An
unfragmented file consists of a single
fragment; a fragmented file consists
of two or more fragments. By
definition, the first portion of a
file's cluster chain (its first
fragment) is not fragmented. Therefore
a disk can never be 100 percent
fragmented. Fragments beyond the first
are called extra fragments. The more
extra fragments, the more fragmented
the file. A file is maximally
fragmented when the number of
fragments equals the number of
clusters. In other words, each of that
file's fragments consists of a single

Therefore, the excess fragments total means the number of fragments that ideally should be eliminated by a 100% successful defrag. But in real life, several successive defrags are necessary to bring their number anywhere near to zero, and at least 20% of disk free space."
Guest [Entry]

"How much disk space is free on the drive, and how much of it is contingious? It maybe that the larger files can't be defragmented, since there is not enough contingious free space available to store that file in.

Thus causing excess fragments...."