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What are some of the better Windows 7 Themes? [closed]

What are some of the better Windows 7 Themes? [closed]

"I'm mostly looking for good desktop backgrounds here.
Themes as in Windows 7 Theme Packs."

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Guest [Entry]

"Offhand, i would say:

Mark Swanson's themes
some Windows7News themepacks
an IntoWindows page with a bunch
My humble themepack (Made by me, nothing too spectacular but nice if you like nebula-ish fractal-y backgrounds, rendered by apophysis) (NOTE: NO WARRANTY IS EXPRESS OR IMPLIED BY POSTING THIS LINK yadda yadda yadda... Don't blame me if your computer blows up.)

and, of course, the great grandaddy of them all:

Guest [Entry]

"In case you mean more than just ""wallpapers"" when you say ""themes"", you should know that Lifehacker frequently posts awesome themes for all operating systems. I'll post a few for Windows 7 that I can find (I'll keep editing this post over the next few minutes as I find more)


And in case you're experiencing some Apple envy, here's one that OS X-ifies Windows: