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What are the biggest changes in user experience to expect moving from XP to Windows7? [closed]

What are the biggest changes in user experience to expect moving from XP to Windows7? [closed]

I, like no doubt many others, am looking forward to moving to Windows7 from my old and trusty XP. But I would like to hear from those who have been playing with it, what are the biggest changes to the user experience?

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"Check some similar questions:

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Or an excellent Wikipedia comparison.

But to answer your question:

It feels a lot more polished and user-friendly than XP. Some things might take some time to get used to if you've never used Vista, but a lot is very intuitive. There are some nice new features making your life a lot better. I like Windows 7 so much I install it on every computer I work with as my primary OS and I haven't missed XP a single minute. There really aren't things you can do in XP that you can't in 7 (and if there are some you probably won't miss them).

Just make sure your hardware is compatible and your most important applications are support Windows 7!

Plus: I mean just look at the differences in this figure and tell me you like XP more!

To name some differences I quoted from one of the answers by Svish:

Faster startup and shutdown times
(Technically not a new feature, but
very nice still) Windows 7 Libraries
(I really like these ones myself).
Desktop enhancements like Aero Peek,
Aero Shake, a nice Wallpaper slideshow
The new
and brilliant taskbar with jump lists
and previews. Also lets you pin
programs so it is like a combined
quick launch bar and task bar.
A home
group feature which makes it super
simple to share files in your home
network (seriously, I was surprised
how easy it actually was to set up!)
Better battery utilization.
for touch and multi-touch.
Much easier
to connect to wlan hot spots.
A very
handy Resource Monitor

And specifically if you like gaming: Direct X 11"
Guest [Entry]

One more thing to add to the mix...built in divx codex and dvd drivers. sweeet.