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What are these? Are they broken?

What are these? Are they broken?

Please excuse the poor image quality:

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"Looks like capacitors. If those are CRACKS on the top, then the answer to your question is HELL YEA.

They may continue to work for a while, but you're on borrowed time."
Guest [Entry]

"To be a bit more specific they are electrolytic capacitors, which have their vents broke possibly having releasing hydrogen, suggesting that they have failed.

Traditionally ""computer-grade"" electrolytic capacitors used a liquid electrolytic solution or gel between dielectrics. These are quite susceptible to aging and drying out, particularly when operated in a high (ambient) temperature environment.

Around 2003, several mainstream PC manufacturers accidentally bought bad capacitors from several Taiwanese companie(s), including some companies that forged premium brands.

Several PC motherboard manufacturers have switches to solid electrolytic capacitors to avoid the problems with liquid electrolytic, and the scandal from the flawed formula based knockoff capacitors.

So as others have suggested, the video card is now very prone to likely fail sooner rather than later. To protect the rest of your system, I would recommend replacing the video card (or having it repaired/replaced under warranty) as soon as reasonably possible. I believe the knock-off capacitors are considered a moderate fire/spark risk."