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What are window-managers with good features for power-users? [closed]

What are window-managers with good features for power-users? [closed]

Most window-managers copy the ideas of windows and MacOSX these days. But some have innovative ideas, that make the life much easier and the work faster done.

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Guest [Entry]

"If you like the idea of a tiling window manager you should definitely check out dwm. I found the configuration to be far less daunting than that of awesome-wm (though you do have to recompile after a reconfiguration). Here are some of my favorite features:

The ability to start programs with a certain tag is what really did it for me (not sure if this feature is also available in awesome).
Being able to pipe conky into dwm and have it displayed in the status bar is quite useful as well.
Being able to map hotkeys without the need for any external program running in the background.
Functionality can be extended through the use of patches provided by the community.
Dmenu means you'll never need to take your hands off the keyboard again."
Guest [Entry]

If you want heavily customized window-manager, try fvwm. You can even use perl to do scripting in the rc file.