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What can I do with a large Hard Drive?

What can I do with a large Hard Drive?

So I'm looking into the world of external Hard Drives bigger than I can easily comprehend (1-2TB sort of sizes. A few years ago I thought 100GB was big. Blimey), and just wondering what possible uses open up here?

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"The #1 sales reason is video, either your own or copying DVD's (may be illegal in your jurisdiction).

Digital photographs can often fill tens of Gigabytes, but you have to be a real shutterbug to fill a Terabyte.

Another use is off-line partitions for backups or mirrors of your boot partition.

Yet another is keeping on-line ISO's of CDRom's, either for production use (developing a Linux Distro for example) or as an online substitute for actually having a physical disk in the drive to allow children's games to run."
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"I use mine for backups. I've been saved more than once through having complete hard drive backups going back a long way; a full backup every week of selected folders on my main drive going back about a year.

The specific times I've used it, the most recent dozen backups didn't have the file I needed, as it was a file I'd deleted accidentally and not noticed for a while, or a file that had been corrupted and the corrupted file was being backed up for some time before I noticed.

I could burn DVDs and store them somewhere, but being able to have an automated weekly backup with a long archive makes both the backup and restore processes so much easier.

I also use the drives to store most of my data CDs (audio CDs are, naturally, ripped already). I find it far easier to find a .iso CD image and mount it than hunt through stacks of physical CDs for the one I want. This also means I don't have to worry about scratched disks.

Finally, Kije mentions saving off web pages. I don't do that, but I do save off application installers and web comics that I find interesting, as archivedotorg doesn't always pick up data and images."