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What causes icon corruption in Windows 7?

What causes icon corruption in Windows 7?

I have read this question and this workaround does not work for me.

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Guest [Entry]

"I don't know what causes icon corruption.

To rebuild the icon cache:

Enable Show hidden files and folders.
Open My Computer
Navigate to %systemdrive%\Users\""your User Name""\AppData\Local
Look for IconCache.db and delete it permanently (holding the Shift)
Reboot the system."
Guest [Entry]

"I know, this topic is so old... But i had this problem just now.
And, the problem is not the icon cache. The problem is the ""arrow"" for the shortcuts.
If you see closely, you can see the icon, but not the ""icon arrow for shortcut"" that is the problem.
Maybe you changed (like me) the icon for shortcuts (or maybe not), but you can fix the problem resetting or changing again the arrow for shortcuts.
Using Windows Shortcut Arrow Editor"