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What directories in a Windows 7 SSD install would you link/junction to an HDD?

What directories in a Windows 7 SSD install would you link/junction to an HDD?

I'm planning on installing an SSD/HDD combination with the SSD as my boot (Windows 7 x64) drive, and a spinning HDD as a storage drive.

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"In addition to Wil's answer, I put all BitTorrent downloads and most games onto an HDD, rather than an SSD. Although there is the potential for better performance with games on an SSD (such as reduced loading times), they tend to take up a lot of space. Also, if you don't need to use hibernation, you may wish to disable it to save space on the SSD.

Note that keeping some free space on the SSD is more to help the drive maintain performance over time, rather than to directly assist the wear levelling."
Guest [Entry]

"It really depends on your usage.

If you do not have a lot of stuff, I would simply use the SSD and only the SSD.

I personally would not move your entire profile or junction it as there are settings that are written all the time, user registry and various items that you would want to keep on the SSD.

I would just create a few folders on your hard drive and keep movies, videos, archive, backup and music files on there. When you are using a hard drive just for data storage and nothing else, they are quite fast.

As for leaving space, Just never let it get full - I personally would want to keep at least 5GB free at any point (but that is just me)

As for log files, they will be created (usually) within the Windows directory so they will be on the SSD."