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What does "(SECURED)" mean in the title of Adobe Reader?

What does "(SECURED)" mean in the title of Adobe Reader?

I opened a PDF that I haven't looked at in a while and noticed that in Adobe Reader, the title becomes "filename.txt (SECURED) - Adobe Reader"

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"It means that the file is encrypted.

To quote Steven Madwin, an Adobe Employee:

the application puts it in the title
bar as a visual clue that the user is
in an encrypted file. The default is
for the application (either Acrobat or
Reader) to display the file name,
encryption status, and the application
name in the title bar. You can replace
the file name with the document title,
but you cannot suppress the encryption
status. This was added to Acrobat 8
because too many users were viewing
encrypted PDF files and didn't
understand why they couldn't make