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What does the index mean e.g. pkg-info(1)?

What does the index mean e.g. pkg-info(1)?

Many man pages include an index e.g. pkg-info (1) and sometimes the same man page references the same base but with different indices e.g. pkg-info (4).

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"The index indicates the section the information falls under

General Commands
System Calls
Special Files
File Formats
Macros and Conventions
Maintenence Commands

For eaxample

man 1 pkg-info

will give the man page related to the command

man 4 pkg-info

will give info related to special files for pkg-info


pkginfo(1) -- display software package and/or set information

pkginfo(4) -- package characteristics file
pkginfo is an ASCII file that describes the characteristics of the package along with information that helps control the flow of installation."