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What features have been removed in Windows 7 and Windows Vista?

What features have been removed in Windows 7 and Windows Vista?

I am thinking of upgrading from XP, but I heard they removed lots of features. What have they removed?

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"We missed some things.

First, the XP Windows Explorer could take user-defined columns, which was excellent for applications like TortoiseSVN. That no longer works in Vista, and the last I checked the TortoiseSVN folks their recommendation was TotalCommander.

Second, we've been having some odd issues with our programs doing screen captures in Vista. It's intermittent, and I haven't found any way to predict it. What I know is that it happens an annoying number of times in Vista, and not at all in XP. I don't know if this counts as a removed feature, but it did work in XP and doesn't reliably in Vista.

There have been some more annoyances, but these are the issues where we'd definitely be better off with XP.

We also found that no version of Visual Studio before 2005 was supported under Vista, and there was a long list of VS2005 problems, but VS2008 became very usable with Service Pack 1 and we just upgraded, so that turned out to be no problem."
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"Two removed features that come to mind are Outlook Express & NetMeeting.
Movie Maker was also removed but only from Windows 7. You have it in Windows Vista."
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The ability to select Wave Out Mix as a recording source seems to be missing in the 7100 build (RC), does not show up, even if if you show disabled devices, as in Vista. Googling around indicates it was in earlier builds, but unless it's been put back in later builds, you can't record whatever is running through the sound output as it stands, eg. radio streams. (or does anyone know of another way?)