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What good technology podcasts are out there?

What good technology podcasts are out there?

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Yes, Podcasts, those nice little Audiobooks I can listen to on the way to work. With the current amount of Podcasts, it's like searching a needle in a haystack, except that the haystack happens to be the Internet and is filled with too many of these ""Hot new Gadgets"" stuff :(
Now, even though I am mainly a .NET developer nowadays, maybe anyone knows some good Podcasts from people regarding the whole software lifecycle? Unit Testing, Continous Integration, Documentation, Deployment...
So - what are you guys and gals listening to?

Please note that the categorizations are somewhat subjective and may not be 100% accurate as many podcasts cover several areas. Categorization is made against what is considered the ""main"" area.
General Software Engineering / Productivity

[Stack Overflow ] 1(inactive, but still a good listen)
TekPub (Requires Paid Subscription)
Software Engineering Radio
43 Folders
Dr. Dobb's (now a video feed)
The Pragmatic Podcast (Inactive)
IT Matters
Agile Toolkit Podcast
The Stack Trace (Inactive)
The Startup Success Podcast
Berkeley CS class lectures
FLOSS Weekly
This Developer's Life

.NET / Visual Studio / Microsoft

Herding Code
.NET Rocks!
Deep Fried Bytes
Alt.Net Podcast (inactive)
Polymorphic Podcast (inconsistent)
Sparkling Client (The Silverlight Podcast)
Spaghetti Code
ASP.NET Podcast
Channel 9
Radio TFS
PowerScripting Podcast
The Thirsty Developer
Elegant Code (inactive)
Crafty Coders
Coding QA


The official jQuery podcast

Java / Groovy

The Java Posse
Grails Podcast
Java Technology Insider
Basement Coders

Ruby / Rails

Rails Envy
The Ruby on Rails Podcast

Web Design / JavaScript / Ajax

The Rissington podcast
YUI Theater

Unix / Linux / Mac / iPhone

Mac Developer Network
Hacker Public Radio
Linux Outlaws
Mac OS Ken
LugRadio Linux radio show (Inactive)
The Linux Action Show!
Linux Kernel Mailing List (LKML) Summary Podcast
Stanford's iPhone programming class
Advanced iPhone Development Course - Madison Area Technical College
WWDC 2010 Session Videos (requires Apple Developer registration)

System Administration, Security or Infrastructure

RunAs Radio
Security Now!
Crypto-Gram Security Podcast
Windows Weekly
PaulDotCom Security
The Register - Semi-Coherent Computing

General Tech / Business

This Week in Tech
The Guardian Tech Weekly
PCMag Radio Podcast (Inactive)
Entrepreneurship Corner
Manager Tools

Other / Misc. / Podcast Networks

IT Conversations
Retrobits Podcast
No Agenda Netcast
Cranky Geeks
The Command Line
Freelance Radio
IBM developerWorks
The Register - Open Season
Drunk and Retired
Sod This
Hacker Medley"

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"My list:


.NET Rocks!

Herding Code

Deep Fried Bytes

Spaghetti Code

The Sparkling Client

Plumbers @ Work

Polymorphic Podcast

ALT.NET Podcast

ASP.NET Podcast

Radio TFS

PowerScripting Podcast

Software Engineering Radio

stackoverflow Podcast

The Thirsty Developer

ThoughtWorks - IT Matters Podcast

Agile Toolkit Podcast

Ajaxian Podcast

Pragmatic Podcasts

Channel 9 Audio Feed

EDIT: Missed one: Elegant Code Cast"
Guest [Entry]

This one's not specifically about development, but Security Now from Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte is an excellent discussion of security issues. I think it's a must-listen for just about any computer user who's concerned about security, and especially for web developers who are responsible both for the security of their site and at least partially responsible for their users' security.
Guest [Entry]

I love FLOSS Weekly. Another Twit Podcast where Leo and Randal Schwartz interview open source geeks. My favorite was their interview with Dan Ingalls (Smalltalk/Squeak fame). I also enjoyed their interview of Richard Hipp (SQLite).